The therapy is a holistic concept. That means there are many different techniques and viewpoints represented. This makes Physiosapiens AS’ therapy unique. We offer not one or the other form of therapy for themselves, but combining different techniques to achieve the best results for you. Each patient is individual.
The body has a unique way to "tell" the therapist what is wrong. We in Physiosapiens are specialized in interpreting these signals so that we will always know where in the process we stand. We always take pre- and post-tests to see if current therapy was effective. With this we avoid repeating the same procedure several times, making it easier to achieve a lasting result.
The nervous system is central to our therapy concept. Functional Myodiagnosis is a great tool to get an overview of what works well and what does not with the body at all times. Several different muscle tests are being performed to get an impression of the communication between the nervous and muscular system.

Experience shows that it is less effective to train muscles of which the nervous system does not have sufficient contact with, since the patient will never get to activate the right muscle anyway. Therefore, we prioritize to arrange communication between these systems first. Once this has been accomplished, special treatment or training will give much better results.

Problems we can help you with:


Structural problems
• Back-pain
• Neck-Pain
• Headache
• Shoulder-pain
• Problems with your elbow and hand
• Problems in your hip- and gluteal-region
• Problems with your knees and wrists/feet
• Subluxations of your spine
• Myofascial Triggerpoints
• Problems with your jaw/TMJ

• general high muscle-tense

• Scar-tissue-treatment


• Optimize your movements

• Optimize your coordination

• Optimize your system after injuries and/or rehab

• Injured the same structure over and over again? Get assessed due Injury Recall Technique (IRT)!


Injury Recall / Trauma-treatment (IRT)

Consequential damages after accidents, injuries, surgeries

• Loss of movement, range of motion

• Injured the same structure repeatedly without known reason

• Pain; usually diffuse, also other places than the actual injury


• General preventive measures

• Bad focus, dyslexia

• Anger, agression

• Feeling insecure, bad self-esteem

• Anxiety, depression

• Challenges acc parents' divorce, death of family member

• Challenges acc social behaviour

Consequential challenges and reactions after divorce, death of family-members or other trauma.

• Stomache-problems and problems with other vital organs

• Problems with your hormone household

• Psycho-emotional problems:
• energy-loss, Burn-Out

• stress, depression, PTSD, anxiety, panic


Has everyone else given up on your ailments? Visit Physiosapiens to get an individual and holistic assessment!

Price per treatment: 600,- kr


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