Christian Minke
Ever since I was born, I did things a little differently than most people. After studying physiotherapy I could therefore not deliver "only" standard. Something else was needed to live up to my own expectations and to offer effective therapy with lasting results.
My way of working with a patient is different; very individual because I think that the world has become very influenced by statistics and groupings that causes us to forget that everyone has its unique history.
The various systems in our body tell this story and I have acquired the ability to interpret these so that I can identify the cause where everything began.
Friedrich Christian Minke is therapist and CEO at Physiosapiens AS.
Bachelor of Health in physiotherapy, studied in the Netherlands and Germany
Special competence:
• Functional Myodiagnostikk
• Injury / Trauma Recall,
• SOT - Sacro Occipital Technique
• NIT - Neuroceptor Impulse Technique
• Myofascial pain therapy
• Anatomy Trains - Myofascial Release
• Redcord Neurac
• Myofascial Kinesio Taping
• Cranio Concept - Temporomandibular joint therapy
• Cranio Sacral Therapy
• Applied Kinesiology


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